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Morphisec “Graduates” from JVP Incubator and Inaugurates New Office Space

Posted by Morphisec Team on January 12, 2016
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For the past two years Morphisec has been part of the JVP Cyber Labs incubator. However, as our official launch draws closer, we’re rapidly transitioning to a new and exciting stage—and moving to new office space.

Located in Beersheba, Israel’s southern academia and technology focal point, the JVP Cyber Labs is fertile ground for some of Israel’s most innovative startups. The incubator brings together experts from academia, multinationals and the military to inspire the next innovations in the field.

We have been part of JVP Cyber Labs for the past two years, fostering the development of our Endpoint Threat Prevention solution, and gaining mightily from the ongoing interaction with experts from the local Ben Gurion University, and colleagues from the other cyber security startups in the group.

While we’re sad to part from our neighbors and friends, with the new additions to our team and our upcoming launch in April, we have simply outgrown the JVP space. And so, we’re ready to progress to the next stage in our company’s life… in our own pad.

Morphisec-meeting-roomThe new office will accommodate our growing team and help us facilitate the introduction of our cutting-edge endpoint protection solution to the marketplace.

Our unique solution helps companies prevent advanced attacks by using Moving Target Defense, and eliminates risks currently faced by companies using traditional legacy security solutions and delayed patching. We’d be thrilled to show you a demo of our Endpoint Threat Prevention solution in our new offices – or yours or online.

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