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Morphisec Now Deployed on Three Million Endpoints Globally

Company Blows Past Projections, Tripling the Installed Base of its Advanced Threat Prevention Solution in Ten Months

BE’ER SHEVA, ISRAEL and BOSTON, MA – April 29, 2019 – Morphisec, the leader in Moving Target Defense, announced that less than five months after hitting the two million endpoint milestone, its Unified Threat Prevention platform is now installed on three million endpoints worldwide. The achievement cements the company’s status as the fastest-scaling endpoint security firm for hosts deployed.

Beyond a continuously expanding global technical and partner ecosystem, the company’s rapid growth is fueled in part by the steady migration of enterprise users to Windows 10, with its built-in next generation Microsoft Defender Antivirus (AV), which has allowed enterprises to divest of their legacy antivirus tools. Windows 10 is projected to be the majority of Windows installations (51%) by the end of this month¹. Many of these migrating organizations are applying their cost savings to add Morphisec to their defense stack to take a more proactive approach to preventing advanced memory attacks, exploits, fileless attacks, zero-days and evasive malware that have been engineered to bypass their other security tools.

“Faster, easier and more deterministic threat prevention is essential not only to reduce risk, but to reduce the operational overhead that comes with detecting, analyzing and remediating threats,” said Ronen Yehoshua, Morphisec’s chief executive officer. “The unprecedented speed in which Morphisec reached this three million deployment milestone signals both an increase in customer awareness of this need, as well as validation that our Moving Target Defense technology best meets it. By replacing legacy antivirus products with free integrated Microsoft Defender AV, and adding Morphisec for a critical layer of advanced attack protection, enterprises can make themselves far less vulnerable while increasing operational efficiency – with no added cost.”

Morphisec is rapidly growing its global technical and partner ecosystem in order to better meet the increasing demand for its prevention technology as a solution to advanced attacks. The company recently announced the integration of its Unified Threat Prevention platform technology with Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). It also recently became an Ivanti One partner and will be previewing its new integration with Microsoft Defender Antivirus at Ivanti Interchange 2019 in Nashville this week. The integration enables security teams that use or are considering Microsoft Defender AV to prevent non-evasive threats, but need full visibility and central management, to consolidate Defender AV threats into the Morphisec management dashboard for visibility across all alerts.