Morphisec Demonstrates Superior Prevention Capabilities in the Lab and Field

Morphisec Demonstrates Superior Prevention Capabilities in the Lab and Field

 Independent Testing Verifies Morphisec Uniquely Effective Against Advanced Attacks

BE’ER SHEVA, ISRAEL, November 9, 2017 – 

Morphisec, the leader in Moving Target Defense-based cybersecurity, today announced that Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention Solution blocked 100 percent of exploits and evasive malware in SE Labs’ Advanced Endpoint Protection Test. The testing confirms Morphisec’s outstanding performance in the field against new, dangerous attacks seen over the last several months. Most recently, Morphisec drew international attention as the first and only solution to stop and expose the giant CCleaner supply chain attack.

“We’re pleased by the testing results as it further validates our real life successes in stopping zero days, unknown threats and Advanced Persistent Threats that, in some cases, had been resident on our customers’ networks and gone undetected for months until Morphisec was installed,” says Morphisec CEO Ronen Yehoshua. “Our unique Moving Target Defense technology reduces the target memory surface to practically zero so attacks just can’t happen. It stops attacks without the need to identify them or detect behavior anomalies, preventing never-before-seen attacks out of the box – no updates or prior knowledge necessary.”

100 percent efficacy rating in independent testing

The evaluation by SE Labs measured Morphisec’s effectiveness against known exploits and new stealthy malware. It also checked for false positives to ensure that it did not simply block every attempt to execute code on the system. Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention earned a 100 percent efficacy rating, blocking all of the known exploits as well as all the evasive malware. It allowed every legitimate application except one to run unhindered.

“This is an excellent result for an endpoint product. In our public tests of anti-malware products, we rarely see such a strong success rate,” commented Simon Edwards, Director at SE Labs and founding member of the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO).

The independent testing results corroborate Morphisec’s real life performance at customer sites. The most notorious attacks this past year – e.g. CCleaner, Petya, NotPetya, WannaCry, various FIN7 attacks – all were prevented by Morphisec as soon as they emerged. It was Morphisec’s notification to CCleaner parent company Avast and work with law enforcement agencies that prevented the supply chain hack from causing more damage than it did.

About Morphisec

Morphisec delivers pioneering endpoint security solutions that provide real-time protection against the most advanced cyberattacks of today and unknown threats of tomorrow. Our patented Moving Target Defense technology prevents threats others can’t, including APTs, zero-days, ransomware, evasive fileless attacks and web-borne exploits. Morphisec provides a crucial, small-footprint memory-defense layer that easily deploys into a company’s existing security infrastructure to form a simple, highly effective, cost-efficient prevention stack. Our disruptive and powerful value proposition has earned us the trust of our customers and recognition in the field, such as 2016 Gartner Cool Vendor and the People’s Choice Award from PwC.

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