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Morphisec Introduces VDI Security Solution to Moving Target Defense

Morphisec Introduces VDI Security Solution to Innovative Moving Target Defense Products

BE’ER SHEVA, Israel, Nov. 29, 2016 – Morphisec, pioneer of Moving Target Defense (MTD) technology and leading provider of endpoint threat prevention solutions, today announces it has added Morphisec Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Security Solution to its growing list of security offerings.

“Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is notoriously difficult to adequately protect from cyberattacks as it is highly sensitive to the performance impact of security products,” said Morphisec CEO Ronen Yehoshua. “The trend toward more and more unknown advanced attacks demands the addition of more security layers, which further exacerbates this situation. Morphisec not only stops these attacks, but it does so with zero CPU consumption.”

“We already have several satisfied customers using our VDI security solution to add the critical security layer their VDI was missing,” continued Yehoshua. “For example, one customer in the banking industry expressed how Morphisec not only gives them peace of mind, but also an advantage over their competitors since it provides advanced threat prevention but does not interfere with or degrade their VDI’s performance.”

Morphisec’s Endpoint Threat Prevention protects virtual desktops in a deterministic manner — with no false positives — via a lightweight, 1MB agent requiring no updates and no administration.

VDI is a complex environment to protect with many constraints that make traditional anti-virus and resource-intensive security solutions unsuitable:

  1. The VDI itself requires substantial memory and CPU. Adding a resource heavy security solution can result in lower virtual machine consolidation ratios, immediately raising costs and complexity.
  2. In addition, a pooled, or non-persistent, environment restarts images from scratch every time. The image startup cannot support retrieving a set of attack signatures or other updates from a central server each time it boots up.

“Virtual environments widen the attack perimeter – an attack on a user’s physical desktop could provide access to the central virtual desktop server,” said Netta Schmeidler, Morphisec VP of Product. “With Morphisec Moving Target Defense technology, we morph the memory space so authorized code runs safely while malicious code is blocked and trapped. Now, with Morphisec VDI Solution, advanced attacks on this critical infrastructure are effectively stopped on their first attempt.”

With Morphisec, virtual endpoints are safe from memory-based attacks and malware – from exploits, to memory code execution. The product prevents evasive attacks, Ransomware, APTs, zero-days and attacks targeting known, but unpatched vulnerabilities.

Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention seamlessly supports VDI environments such as Citrix VDI, VMware Horizon View and MS VDI, both persistent and non-persistent (pooled) running at the VDI level. It also supports Application Virtualization platforms such as Citrix XenApp.

About Morphisec:
Emerging from Israel’s national cybersecurity center, Morphisec makes endpoint threat prevention viable again. Morphisec terminates the kill chain at its very onset, stopping and neutralizing zero-days, advanced attacks, evasive file-based and file-less malware, ransomware, APTs and web-borne exploits before they can do any damage. Morphisec’s Moving Target Defense technology morphs the runtime environment randomly and without any trace, hiding targets and trapping all attempts at accessing them. Attackers simply cannot find the targets they seek. For more information, visit www.morphisec.com, schedule a demo or contact Morphisec at info@morphisec.com or 617-209-2552.

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