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Morphisec Compatibility Update for Windows 10 V. 1809, Office 365 32-bit

Posted by Michael Gorelik on December 6, 2018 at 1:23 PM
Michael Gorelik
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Microsoft has introduced significant changes in the loader functionality as part of its new re-release of Windows 10 v 1809.

Morphisec and Microsoft identified an issue impacting users running Morphisec’s ETP agent on top of Windows 10 v. 1809 with the Office 365 32-bit application.

The issue that users encountered was that the "Save As" icons were not displayed properly, and the user needed to use keyboard shortcuts or menu operations in order to save files.

To prevent this from happening, Microsoft has deferred the 1809 update on all machines running Morphisec's ETP agent, until the fix is delivered.

Morphisec has issued a fix to resolve this issue and has reported it to Microsoft so that they are aware of this fix. All Morphisec customers who are using the updated version 2.4.8 and above are not affected by this issue any longer.

For more information from Microsoft on their re-release and recommendations on updating version 1809, please visit their support update site.

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