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Improving Efficiency and Results in Threat Prevention with Morphisec Guard

Posted by Morphisec Team on July 22, 2021
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Editor's Note: This is a guest blog from IT Central Station.

Brian Wagner, the senior network engineer at Wilson County Schools in North Carolina, needed threat prevention solutions that would help improve his overall endpoint protection process while also supporting his existing security solutions. In particular, he wanted more protection than he could get with Microsoft Windows Defender, which is included in his Windows systems.

On IT Central Station, Wagner said, “We wanted more protection against the threats that are out there, with malware and ransomware being the biggest.” To solve this problem, Wilson County Schools went with Morphisec, which Wagner felt was the perfect solution for his organization’s needs.

Morphisec offers an agile solution for companies that want endpoint protection above and beyond what they get from Defender. Whether on-premises or in remote situations, Morphisec significantly lowers a company’s risk exposure and bolsters its security model, reducing technology costs in the process.

Wagner said, “It's to supplement threat protection in addition to having Microsoft Defender.” They only use the Morphisec agent, but they have now transitioned from on-prem to the cloud this year. To him, it’s a great example of how Morphisec and Windows Defender Antivirus deliver ultimate endpoint protection that is cost-effective and requires very little hands-on effort. 

Putting Morphisec’s Endpoint Security to Work

Morphisec works in the background and will alert the Wilson County Schools team if it detects anything suspicious. Wagner said, “We haven't had an issue since we've had Morphisec, so it's working. If we see something we'll ask them about it, and then if we need to, we'll look at the machine. Generally though, if we find something, we tend to re-image a machine as opposed to fixing it. We just wipe it.”

This is fine with him, because, as he related, “I'm not a big security guy. If I have a threat that looks like there's a problem, I will ask Morphisec to dissect it for me and tell me what might be happening, because it tends to be all hash codes, so I can tell what's going on. They've been pretty good with that.”

Hear from Wilson County Schools Senior Network Engineer Brian Wagner

Using the Morphisec Security Center Dashboard

Wagner was pleased with the way the solution enabled him to see both Defender and Morphisec through a unified console. The solution provides full visibility into security events and from both solutions in one dashboard. This way, he could easily see threats as they appeared.

Wagner appreciates that he doesn’t have to dig deep to find issues. He shared, “We've been able to see any problems that we have easily. We've been able to deploy new solutions. The migration from on-prem to cloud was very easy because Morphisec did it for us. They migrated the data. When I do have problems, if I need it, I can call them. They've been right there for me.” 

Recognizing ROI from Morphisec

Wagner is seeing a return on investment (ROI) from Morphisec because, as he explained, “Morphisec gives me even more than Microsoft can give me, even if I were to pay.” The solution saves him person-hours, which is a great benefit for his team. He said, “It has reduced the team's workload by a couple of hours a week. It also saves money on our security stack. It's cheaper than others. It saves between $10,000 to $15,000 yearly.” 

A Win-Win with Morphisec Guard

Morphisec provides Wagner with effective breach prevention with its zero-trust endpoint solution powered by moving target defense. The software optimizes endpoint protection, resulting in bottom-line savings. Consolidating security solutions by implementing Morphisec with Defender provides full visibility into security events from two solutions on one dashboard.

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