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Morphisec On Cyber Security

Posted by Morphisec Team on August 3, 2016
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One of Morphisec’s mandates is to share our expertise with the industry at large. You’ll find bylines and commentary by team members in numerous publications on everything from the cyber security implications of Brexit to improving supply chain cyber security. Following are a few of the latest articles by Morphisec experts.

No one is safe -- security quo vadis?

With the industry chatter following Google Project Zero researcher Tavis Ormandy’s discovery of Symantec vulnerabilities, comes the reverberating story that "even the safe is not safe". This only highlights the importance of taking an approach that focuses on several complementing security technologies versus relying on one security vendor or platform. The creation of a new cybersecurity stack, if you will…

Get Omri Dotan’s advice on the “right stack” to provide adequate protection alongside operational efficiency in BetaNews.

The many faces of ransomware

Ransomware has grabbed mainstream media attention recently but it’s nothing new – in fact, its origins can be traced back to floppy disk times. Part of ransomware’s new found notoriety is certainly due to the criminals’ latest target of choice, the healthcare industry, which is considered sacrosanct to most. And ransomware’s very nature lends itself to news-worthy headlines.

Ransomware’s mounting popularity parallels the increased availability of source code and target data through networks such as TOR, along with digital currencies like bitcoin that let criminals attack and collect while remaining anonymous…

Read Mordechai Guri’s take on ransomware and recommendations to combat it on Helpnet Security.

When it Comes to Security, Company Size Doesn’t Matter: The “Little Guys” Play a Major Role in Preventing Breaches

The network security of a small, third-party provider of heating, ventilation and air conditioning services was compromised when an employee fell for a phishing scheme. Why should we care? That breach resulted in 110 million payment card and customer records stolen and millions of dollars in damages for this provider’s customer: The Target Corporation…

Read the full article by Omri Dotan in Supply Chain World.

 Emotional components drive cyber strategies

It may sound odd, but cybersecurity has a huge emotional component. Unlike other industries that are driven by optimization and financial gains, cybersecurity has all the makings of a Hollywood movie—good guys, bad guys, nation-states attacking other nation states, and entire global IT systems at risk. Unfortunately for most victims of a cyber threat or breach, the effects are all too real and don't disappear when the music stops and the lights come on…

Dudu Mimran shares his thoughts on Security InfoWatch.

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