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Best-in-Class Endpoint Protection At A Lower Price Than Your Antivirus

Posted by Andrew Homer on August 6, 2020
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ENDPOINT PROTECTION AT A LOWER PRICEWe recently introduced Morphisec Guard, a full endpoint protection platform designed to secure your enterprise against the worst cyberattacks. Guard is a single lightweight offering, including world-class antivirus, together with the market's most advanced protection against unknown zero-days, fileless attacks, exploits, and evasive malware.

Why did we introduce an endpoint protection platform now?

The sudden transition to remote workforces that COVID-19 brought about has sparked questions across the board for IT spending. Antivirus protection is not immune, as more and more companies question whether their antivirus -- even the “next-gen” AV platforms -- are really reducing the risk of a breach in the face of constantly evolving attacker techniques. The answer is likely no, as the cost of a successful breach has increased 25 percent year over year, to reach $8.94 million in 2019.

That’s why we introduced Morphisec Guard -- the first endpoint protection platform that combines world-class antivirus with the most advanced proactive threat prevention capabilities of Morphisec’s patented moving target defense technology. Morphisec Guard users get protection against file-based and fileless threats together in a single platform, with the low TCO that Morphisec has become famous for.

Today, we’re going a step further to introduce instant cost savings. Morphisec Guard is now available for a 20% price savings off what companies are currently paying for their third-party antivirus. This special offer provides immediate TCO out of the gate, but more importantly, it ensures customers get complete endpoint protection from known and unknown attacks, as well as reduced complexity and performance overhead with a single agent and single dashboard.

Why Make the Switch to Morphisec Guard?

IT security budgets are rising year over year, with the average spend reaching $186.49 million annually according to Ponemon Institute data, and the cybersecurity market more generally expected to reach $124 billion in 2020.

With company-wide budgets, including those allocated to security, coming under closer scrutiny in light of COVID-19, how does today’s IT professional secure their enterprise from a breach? It is possible to do so with a static or reduced budget, as so many will likely experience?

Morphisec Guard eliminates that concern. We provide full best in class endpoint protection at a lower price than your current antivirus. We’re not only talking about cybersecurity budget savings, but also savings on staff time and involvement in protecting the enterprise. Many protection solutions require dedicated staff to configure and operate, especially the so-called next-gen antivirus tools that use machine learning to “predict” the next advanced attack.

Morphisec Guard doesn’t require any of that. It’s easily deployed out of the box and managed in the cloud, and you get visibility into the file-based and fileless attacks that Guard prevents. None of the detection-centric next-gen antivirus platforms can make that claim. Beyond fancy dashboards and shiny mousetraps, in fact, those machine-learning based solutions have done little except line the pockets of vendors and boost their stock price. What they don’t do is offer complete protection against the sophisticated, ever-evolving adversaries who regularly outmaneuver traditional static defenses.

Proactive Prevention Is the Future of Security

Morphisec Guard is built on the idea of proactive endpoint protection. What this means from a functional perspective is taking the steps to harden endpoints and automatically block the attack before it has the chance to cause any damage. This automatic hardening simplifies IT security and maintenance, which more IT teams are seeking in the face of an increasingly remote workforce.

With more people working from home, enterprise IT teams can’t rely on protection platforms that require extensive manual involvement, nor do most companies have the resources to staff expensive SOCs. The COVID-19 pandemic will continue its downward pressure on budgets, and everyone in IT will need to carefully consider their security stack. If anything, this is the perfect time to consider replacing your antivirus with the simple and instant protection of Morphisec Guard. Our quick and easy deployment will have you up and running fast.

That’s why we’re making our special offer with Morphisec Guard. An immediate 20 percent savings in your cybersecurity budget, along with automatic hardening for proactive prevention and savings in staff time from not investigating alerts. It’s the best of both worlds: a perfect solution for lower budgets while also reducing the risk of attack.

Final Thoughts

Increased investment in cybersecurity has yet to provide any demonstrable reduction in the risk of critical systems being infected with malicious code. We can only conclude that the increased investment in detection-based security, such as next-generation antivirus software, hasn’t really benefited anyone except the vendors. A new approach is needed -- one focused on proactive protection -- of which Morphisec Guard plays a critical role in hardening the enterprise.