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The Fall of Signature-based Endpoint Protection; the Rise of Moving Target Defense

Posted by Ursula Ron on June 9, 2016

Here is a treat for our Polish speaking readers!

In yesterday’s interview with Poranek WTK, Dawid Nogaj, CEO of PC Service and authorized Morphisec distributor in Poland, explains why signature-based endpoint security solutions are on their way out. After his participation at Morphisec’s first Distributor Summit at the beginning of March, Dawid is more convinced than ever that Moving Target Defense is the ultimate answer to advanced threats.

While we cannot give you atranslation of the interview, you can find here a short statement of Dawid in English.


If you are an company in Poland looking for an endpoint prevention solution, please get in contact with Dawid:

Dawid Nogaj
PC Service


Wysogotowo, ul. Wierzbowa 33
62-081 Przezmierowo Polska
+48 600 35 98 77