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Vote for Morphisec! Big50 Startup to Watch in 2016

Posted by Morphisec Team on March 31, 2016
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Your Vote Counts!

Amidst the pageantry and spectacle of the US primaries, there’s a quieter vote going on, one that takes only a few seconds from you. We’re talking about Startup50 2016. Finalists make it into Jeff Vance’s Big50 Startup Report, which features “in-depth coverage of the 50 coolest tech startups founded in the last five years.” Morphisec has been nominated in the Cybersecurity and Storage category. We already made it through Round 1 (go Morphisec!) and Round 2 for this category is open for voting now

Why vote for Morphisec? Our 10 cardinal commandments show why we deserve your click.

  1. You shall put prevention ahead of all others. Morphisec blocks and traps attacks pre-breach, before they can do any damage.
  2. Honor your customer. We align our goals with the business goals and needs of our customers, their employees, and their customers.
  3. You shall neutralize all advanced threats. Morphisec prevents all zero-days and advanced attacks, without requiring any prior knowledge of the threat form, type or behavior.
  4. You shall not cause undue hassle. Morphisec installs on the fly with no rebooting and no maintenance required. No databases, signatures or rules to update.
  5. You shall not disrupt business. Morphisec’s extremely lightweight agent is active only at load-time and has minimal footprint, no run-time components or performance penalty.
  6. You shall close patching gaps. Morphisec mitigates the risks from endpoint vulnerabilities exposed by gaps in patching cycles.
  7. You shall not waste resources chasing after hackers and getting derailed by false alarms.
  8. Honor unconventional approaches and relentless, rapid innovation. Our Moving Target Defense strategy uses the hacker’s own tactics to make sure they can’t find their targets, ever.
  9. You shall protect endpoints everywhere. Protects employee machines in and outside the company network.
  10. Play nice with others. Morphisec integrates seamlessly with existing security ecosystems.

Still unsure? Check out our attack videos to see Morphisec’s Moving Target Defense technology in action.

Voting ends Tuesday, April 5 at 5 pm PT so make your voice heard now!

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