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Introducing the Anti-Ransomware Assurance Suite: A Multi-Layered Guard Against Ransomware

Posted by Brad LaPorte on April 16, 2024
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Morphisec announced the launch of the Anti-Ransomware Assurance Suite to help organizations pre-emptively reduce exposure to cyber risk, proactively prevent advance threats and ensure optimal anti-ransomware defense. Powered by Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD), this solution helps organizations adapt, protect and defend with a multi-layered guard against ransomware threats. It’s an industry-first offering that brings Anti-Ransomware, AMTD and Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) together into one seamless solution. 

Morphisec's Anti-Ransomware Assurance Suite

Staying ahead of an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape is no longer just an option—it's a necessity. Gartner, a leading market research firm, has identified key trends that are shaping the future of cybersecurity: Advanced Moving Target Defense (AMTD), which is hailed as essential to any modern security strategy and a game-changer for cyber defenses, and CTEM,  an approach to spot, evaluate, and fix attack paths and security risks tied to digital assets.  

CTEM stands as a top cybersecurity priority this year. According to Gartner: "organizations prioritizing their security investments based on a continuous exposure management programme will be three times less likely to suffer from a breach."1 

But here's the challenge: pinpointing and prioritizing the most vulnerable digital assets is tough for IT and security teams who are juggling limited resources, inefficient processes, and a flood of data. According to the 2023 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), more than half of reported breaches and ransomware attacks leverage vulnerabilities. The reality is that organizations who fail to appropriately address vulnerability management and prioritization are at greater risk of catastrophic breach events, lengthy outages and costly damages. 

Most teams use a patchwork of methods and tools, including vulnerability scanners, penetration testing, patch management systems, threat intel feeds and asset inventory and management. However, it’s a disparate mix that is missing the proactive and preventative features necessary for teams to grasp their distinct attack surface and efficiently prioritize vulnerability fixes. 

Regardless of size or sector, every organization faces the threat of cyber-attacks, including ransomware. The 2023 Verizon DBIR ranks ransomware among the leading types of actions seen in breaches. And it's no secret why. Ransomware attacks are adopting more sophisticated and undetectable techniques including fileless and in-memory attacks that can slip past traditional, signature-based defense measures with ease. 

The latest approaches in ransomware protection emphasize not just resilience, but also the critical need for visibility and autonomous adaptability. Optimized exposure management is key to achieving the proactive, preventative approach that teams require to understand their unique attack surface and effectively prioritize vulnerability remediation. 


Introducing the Anti-Ransomware Assurance Suite Powered by AMTD 

Morphisec is leading the charge in ransomware defense as the industry’s first provider to seamlessly integrate crucial elements — ransomware protection, AMTD and CTEM —into a single, powerful solution. 

Built on Morphisec’s pioneering AMTD technology, the Anti-Ransomware Assurance Suite provides multiple distinct layers of anti-ransomware protection, pre-emptively reducing an organization’s exposure, and proactively preventing attacks at multiple phases. Additionally, it protects critical system resources and data when ransomware attempts to execute, reducing mean time to recovery. 


Its three distinct modules include: Morphisec's Blast Radius Model

  • Adaptive Exposure Management — Helping organizations adapt by elevating the overall security posture and pre-emptively defending against attacks. Adaptive Exposure Management prioritizes vulnerabilities, automates the assessment and validation of an organization’s security controls, identifies high-risk software, and addresses security misconfigurations. 
  • Ransomware Infiltration Protection — Preventing the execution of ransomware attacks at early infiltration stages with Morphisec's prevention-first AMTD technology that constantly changes a system's configuration or environment. This makes it harder for attackers to exploit vulnerabilities as the attack surface is always shifting. 
  • Ransomware Impact Protection — Defending systems against the ransomware impact phase with dedicated anti-ransomware protection that proactively defends critical assets and files with a prevention-first strategy. This minimizes recovery times and strengthens an organization’s anti-ransomware stance.

The Anti-Ransomware Assurance Suite is designed to help organizations enhance their overall security posture. It provides improved visibility into threat exposure, enabling better preparation for rapid response and recovery, ultimately ensuring operational readiness.  

Much like an earthquake, a breach event and damage severity radiate from a hypocenter. This Suite enhances blast radius resiliency, which helps organizations limit and mitigate breach impact effectively. Additionally, our adaptive exposure management feature empowers organizations to gain clear insights into unique sources of risk. This includes prioritizing vulnerabilities, managing high-risk software, addressing security misconfigurations, and validating security controls. Together, these capabilities bolster organizations' ability to proactively manage and reduce cybersecurity risks. 

Created with the support and input of more than 30 customers, industry analysts and design partners, the Anti-Ransomware Assurance Suite seamlessly integrates with an organization’s current endpoint protection array, enhancing existing protection capabilities and operating independently when necessary to deliver comprehensive and holistic adaptive exposure management.  


Proactively reduce residual risk while maximizing total cost of ownership (TCO) 

Our commitment to innovation is evident. Morphisec's team of cybersecurity analysts has continuously shed light on thwarted attacks — a testament to our solution's continued robustness. In fact, our efficacy is so recognized within the cybersecurity industry that penetration testers often have to request Morphisec to be disabled to progress their evaluations. 

Powered by Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD), Anti-Ransomware Assurance zeroes in on security weaknesses and continuously adjusts to address and prevent new threats. 

Exposure management isn’t static, and your team needs an innovative, cost-effective approach to manage it. The Anti-Ransomware Assurance Suite delivers key benefits to businesses operating in all industries including: 

  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)Operational readiness is essential in the fast-paced BFSI sector, allowing for swift responses to emerging threats and maintaining uninterrupted services. The Anti-Ransomware Assurance Suite instils confidence in defenses against sophisticated cyber threats. This assurance not only provides peace of mind but also reduces costs by minimizing false positives and integrating seamlessly with existing EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) tools while providing enhanced visibility into vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. 
  • HealthcareAdopting a Defense-in-Depth approach with multiple layers of security is essential for protecting sensitive patient data and healthcare systems. By strengthening the cybersecurity posture, the Anti-Ransomware Assurance Suite helps healthcare providers bolster resilience against cyber threats, safeguarding patient data and maintaining trust. Furthermore, operational readiness ensures that healthcare providers are well-prepared to handle emergencies and continue delivering uninterrupted patient care during cyber incidents.
  • ManufacturingA Defense-in-Depth strategy is essential for the diverse and complex manufacturing environments. A strengthened cybersecurity posture not only protects against espionage and intellectual property theft but also ensures operational readiness. The Anti-Ransomware Assurance Suite helps manufacturers minimize the total cost of ownership associated with cybersecurity and reduce the frequency and production impact of security breaches. 
  • Professional Services The Anti-Ransomware Assurance Suite pivotally helps firms to have trust in their cybersecurity measures. This assurance not only boosts confidence but also helps maintain client relationships and upholds business integrity. By seamlessly integrating with existing tools and offering effective prevention strategies, the Suite helps professional services firms significantly reduce cybersecurity-related costs.

Our clients are vocal about their successes, enjoying the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) while maximizing protection, especially when combining existing endpoint solutions with Morphisec.  

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) serves as a financial evaluation tool that can help business leadership teams understand both direct and indirect costs linked to acquiring any IT infrastructure component, software, or system. TCO considers all phases of an asset's lifecycle, beginning from its initial acquisition, throughout its operational lifespan, until its eventual replacement.  

This includes expenses associated with deployment, maintenance, support, training, and decommissioning, providing a comprehensive view of the overall financial impact of an investment. Annual Loss Expectancy, also known as Annualized Loss Expectancy, is a standard actuarial tool that can be applied to cybersecurity investment decision-making and support TCO calculations. 


The Anti-Ransomware Assurance Suite helps our customers achieve: 

  • Assurance: Gain peace of mind, knowing you're protected even when other safeguards fail, ensuring uninterrupted cyber defense. 
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): By preventing threats as early as possible and classifying them accurately, Morphisec significantly reduces the time and costs for tech resources as well as the financial impact. 
  • Enhanced Visibility: Morphisec sheds light on shadow IT, misconfigurations, and high-risk software, revealing critical issues that may have gone undetected, thus mitigating potential impacts on your organization. 
  • Defense-in-Depth: The implementation of AMTD provides a multilayered defensive approach that enhances cyber-resilience against unknown evasive threats. 
  • Improved Cybersecurity Posture: Morphisec boosts audit scores and helps in achieving compliance, which can contribute to reduced cyber insurance premiums, thus enhancing the overall cybersecurity posture. 
  • Operational Readiness: Morphisec enhances team efficiency and effectiveness by eliminating attack dwell time and recovery efforts through proactive prevention. System hardening and virtual patching free up resources, allowing teams to concentrate on critical tasks instead of routine patching.


Adapt, Protect, and Defend with the Anti-Ransomware Assurance Suite

When it comes to exposure management, exposure is the attack surface. With the Anti-Ransomware Assurance Suite, organizations can get a clear understanding of their attack surface, identify the unique factors that affect it, and gain the ability to address those factors before impact.  

Learn more and book a demo today to see the Anti-Ransomware Assurance Suite in action. 

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Published 11 October 2023