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Case Study: Securing Advanced Manufacturing From Advanced Threats

Posted by Morphisec Team on August 31, 2017
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Modern manufacturing technology brings improved quality and efficiency at lower costs. It also brings greatly increased cyber risk. Deloitte and MAPI’s (Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation) recently published a report which takes a hard look at the effect of current manufacturing trends on cyber risk. The study found that, while manufacturers are beginning to prioritize cybersecurity, they have a long way to go. Read the report, “Cyber Risk in Advanced Manufacturing,” to see their findings and recommendations to be “secure, vigilant and resilient.”

One Fortune 500 manufacturing company is ahead of many of its peers on the cybersecurity front. A Morphisec customer, this global heavy equipment manufacturer is fortunate to have a forward-thinking CISO who is a recognized security thought leader. The company’s challenges and approach taken to improve its security posture are detailed in this recent case study.

Although they already had a robust security structure that seemed to meet current needs, the company CISO wanted to be prepared for emerging and as yet unknown threats, including APTs, zero-days and fileless malware. With numerous awards for efficient practices and operational excellence, any security solution that disrupts work, introduces system latency or interferes with other tools is simply unacceptable.

After rigorous comparison testing, the company chose Morphisec for its advanced threat prevention layer. And just in time – the future threats the company worried about came sooner than they anticipated. While still in initial deployment, Morphisec prevented and trapped several advanced threats, including a highly destructive Kovter variant, which bypassed their other security tools.

Read the full case study here.

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