Cybersecurity Tech Investment Planning: Use annual loss expectancy to build a business case
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Posted by Hido Cohen on May 12, 2022

With 50% more users last year than in 2020, the number of people using the community chat platform Discord is growing at a blistering pace. This has led cybercriminals to refine and expand malicious attack use cases for the platform. In this threat...

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Posted by Hido Cohen on March 30, 2022

Morphisec Labs has detected a new wave of Remcos trojan infection. The theme of the phishing emails is again financial, this time as payment remittances sent from financial institutions. The attacker lures a user to open a malicious Excel file that...

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Posted by Hido Cohen on March 23, 2022

Morphisec Labs has observed a new wave of JSSLoader infections this year. We’ve tracked JSSLoader activity since December 2020 and published a thorough report on the Russian criminal hacking group FIN7’s JSSLoader: The Evolution of the FIN7...

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