Cybersecurity Tech Investment Planning: Use annual loss expectancy to build a business case
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Adaptive Cyber Resiliency Best Practices

Evolving Cyber Resiliency: How Adaptive Exposure Management Strengthens CTEM Programs

Threat Bulletin – New variant of IDAT Loader

Introducing the Anti-Ransomware Assurance Suite: A Multi-Layered Guard Against Ransomware

History of Ransomware: The Evolution of Attacks and Defense Mechanisms

Preventing Ransomware and Advanced Endpoint Threats with Morphisec + Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Threat Bulletin – CVE-2024-2883

Breaking Boundaries: Mispadu's Infiltration Beyond LATAM

The National Vulnerability Database Crisis: Defend Against Unpatched Vulnerabilities

Unveiling UAC-0184: The Steganography Saga of the IDAT Loader Delivering Remcos RAT to a Ukraine Entity in Finland

Cracking Akira Ransomware: Prevention and Analysis by TTPs

Using Annual Loss Expectancy for Cybersecurity Tech Investment Planning

The Ultimate List of Cyber Security Terms

Gartner® Releases Two Concurrent Reports Championing Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) Technology

Chae$ Chronicles: Version 4.1 Dedicated to Morphisec Researchers

Threat Bulletin – CVE-2023-7024

Responding to CitrixBleed (CVE-2023-4966): Key Takeaways from Affected Companies

Morphisec Fortifies Capabilities with Next-gen Risk-Based Vulnerability Prioritization

Automated Moving Target Defense included in the Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Endpoint Security, 2023

Windows Server 2012 End of Life –– How do You Secure Legacy Servers?

Analysis and Prevention of the WebP (libwebp) Zero-Day Vulnerability

Threat Analysis: MGM Resorts International ALPHV/Blackcat/Scattered Spider Ransomware Attack

Chae$ 4: New Chaes Malware Variant Targeting Financial and Logistics Customers

Hedging Against Cyber Risk: The AMTD Edge for Investment Firms

Best Practices for Building Defense-in-Depth Layers

Outsmarting Generative-AI Attacks: The Power of Automated Moving Target Defense

Automated Moving Target Defense is the Future of Cyber—Gartner

Attacks Against OT & Industrial Organizations Are on the Rise

GuLoader Campaign Targets Law Firms in the US

How to Protect Against the MOVEit Transfer Exploit

Endpoint Security Best Practice: Using AMTD to Stop Unknown and Undetectable Attacks Missed by NGAV, EPP and Endpoint Detection and Response Solutions

Why EDR Is Not Enough to Prevent Ransomware [Infographic]

What Makes Invalid Printer Loader so Stealthy?

Can You Secure Legacy Windows Systems?

Turn Microsoft Defender into an Unbeatable Security Solution

Fileless Malware Will Beat Your EDR

How SYS01 Stealer Will Get Your Sensitive Facebook Info

The World's Top Cybersecurity Conferences

Don’t Sleep on the New ProxyShellMiner Campaign

Will ChatGPT Create Super Malware?

How Secure are Your Legacy Systems?

New Babuk Ransomware Found in Major Attack

Moving Target Defense is “Transformative” Technology—Gartner

Servers Aren’t as Secure as You Think

Why Advanced Threats Are Winning

Can Banks Keep Winning Against Advanced Cyberattacks?

How Can We Secure the IoT?

Why Your Endpoints Need Robust Defense-in-Depth Too

Watch Out for the New NFT-001

Is Your Cyber Security Tamper-Proof?

How Do You Prioritize What to Patch?

Why Should You Care About In-Memory Attacks?

Most Important Healthcare Cyber Threats for 2022

Top Linux Insights From Gartner's Market Guide for CWPP

APT-C-35 Gets a New Upgrade

How Do You Stop Supply Chain Attacks?

Healthcare Data Needs to Become Safer

How to Resolve the Ransomware Security Gap

Your Guide to Top Infostealers in 2022

Top Ransomware Insights From SANS Report

Don’t Secure Linux Servers With Windows Solutions

If They Can Hold Costa Rica to Ransom, They Can do it to You

Secure the New Attack Frontier—Linux Servers

How To Save Healthcare From Ransomware

New SYK Crypter Distributed Via Discord

Your Guide to Virtual Patching

Stop Ransomware With Microsoft Defender and Morphisec

Don’t Take MITRE ATT&CK Results as Gospel

How SMBs Can Stop Their Next Big Cyberattack

New Core Impact Backdoor Delivered Via VMWare Vulnerability

How to Nail Your NIST Cybersecurity Audit

Biden's New Cybersecurity Regulations: Are You Compliant?

The Cyber Threat Landscape for 2022 Darkens

New Analysis: The CaddyWiper Malware Attacking Ukraine

New Wave of Remcos RAT Phishing Campaign

Exclusive Threat Research: Mars (Stealer) Attacks!

New JSSLoader Trojan Delivered Through XLL Files

Stop Ransomware and Other Advanced Threats With Moving Target Defense

NFT Buyers Beware: Journey of a Crypto Scammer and How to Stop Them

Log4j Exploit Hits Again: Vulnerable Unifi Network Application (Ubiquiti) at Risk

New Threat Campaign Identified: AsyncRAT Introduces a New Delivery Technique

Moving Target Defense Recognized as Emerging Technology for Application Security by Gartner

Log4j Exploit Hits Again: Vulnerable VMWare Horizon Servers at Risk

How to Stop Ransomware: See Breach Prevention in Action vs. the Cobalt Strike Backdoor

Protecting Against the Log4j (Log4Shell) Vulnerability

Why AV and EDR are Failing and How to Better Secure your Company

Babadeda Crypter targeting crypto, NFT, and DeFi communities

The Notorious Emotet Is Back: What Organizations Need to Know

10 Tips To Boost Microsoft Defender AV Security

DECAF Ransomware: A New Golang Threat Makes Its Appearance

Windows Defender Is an Underutilized Endpoint Security Resource

Explosive New MirrorBlast Campaign Targets Financial Companies

Stop Ransomware and Zero-Day Attacks With Breach Prevention

Unwanted Gift: Ransomware, Supply Chain Attacks, and How to Prevent Them

New Jupyter Evasive Delivery through MSI Installer

Triple Extortion Ransomware: A New Challenge For Defenders

Move Away from “Assume Breach” to Improve Prevention

ProxyShell Exchange Exploitation Now Leads To An Increasing Amount Of Cobaltstrike Backdoors

Blocking Attacks with the Morphisec Breach Prevention Platform

Security News in Review: Are REvil and DarkSide Rebranding?

How Does MFA Fit Into a Zero Trust Endpoint Security Framework?

Is GDPR Making Ransomware Worse?

Security News in Review: Zero Trust, The Government, and You

Cyber Diplomacy: Examining the Nation-State Threat to European Businesses

Leading From Within: Netta Schmeidler, VP of Product

Improving Efficiency and Results in Threat Prevention with Morphisec Guard

Ransomware gangs least million ! | Morphisec

Real-Time Prevention of the Kaseya VSA Supply Chain REvil Ransomware Attack

Security News in Review: REvil Launches Supply Chain Ransomware Attack

Cyber Insurance May Be Making Ransomware Worse, Here's Why

Why Lean Security Teams Should Deploy A Zero Trust Defensive Endpoint Strategy

Security News in Review: Avaddon Ransomware Closes Down; CLOP Gang Members Arrested

Ransomware Is Devastating European Healthcare Providers. Here's Why

Security News In Review: REvil Attacks Nuclear Contractor Sol Oriens

The Growing Business Cost Of Healthcare Cybercrime

Security News in Review: Bugs, Trains, and Private Banks

Google PPC Ads Deliver Redline, Taurus, and mini-Redline Infostealers

Security News in Review: SolarWinds Threat Group Launches New Phishing Campaign

Security News In Review: Data Breaches, Data Poison, and Big Data

The Top Three Weaknesses in Healthcare Cybersecurity

Biden Administration Aims to Disrupt Ransomware Gangs

AHK RAT Loader Used in Unique Delivery Campaigns

Three Trends Making Ransomware Attacks More Dangerous

Security News In Review: PyInstaller, Cloud Frameworks, and Scripps

Revealing the Snip3 Crypter, a Highly Evasive RAT Loader

Security News in Review: Emotet Uninstalled Worldwide; Babuk “Goes Dark”

The Life-Threatening Rise of Ransomware in Healthcare

Security News In Review: Ryuk Ransomware Gets a Makeover

Why Ransomware Is Making Our Healthcare Worse

Are Banks Spending Their Cybersecurity Budgets in the Right Place?

Security News In Review: Could IcedID Be the New Emotet?

Behind the Headlines: Why Ransomware Will Be One of 2020’s Most Infamous Legacies

Security News in Review: Google’s Project Zero Shuts Down Counterterrorist Hacking Team; Enterprises See Rise in Firmware Attacks

The “Fair” Upgrade Variant of Phobos Ransomware

How Lean Security Teams Can Overcome the Cybersecurity Spending Paradox

Security News in Review: REvil Attacks Laptop Maker Acer; Black Kingdom Ransomware Targets Unpatched Exchange Servers

How Ransomware Techniques Have Changed

Are Threat Actors Winning the Cybersecurity Arms Race?

Tracking HCrypt: An Active Crypter as a Service

Security News in Review: Microsoft Exchange Server Hack “Doubling” Every Two Hours; Linux Foundation Creates New Software Signing Service

How to Protect Yourself From the Microsoft Exchange Vulnerabilities

MineBridge RAT on the Rise With a Sophisticated Delivery Mechanism

Security News in Review: Ryuk Ransomware Develops Self-Replication Capabilities

Why Less Can Be More When It Comes to Cybersecurity

Security News in Review: Google Funding Security Development for Linux Kernel

Egregor Ransomware Adopting New Techniques

Security News in Review: Microsoft Patches Windows Zero-Day; Brazilian Utilities Hit by Ransomware

Long Live, Osiris; Banking Trojan Targets German IP Addresses

CinaRAT Resurfaces With New Evasive Techniques

Security News in Review: Emotet Botnet Taken Down; Trickbot Makes a Return

How State and Local Governments Can Reduce Cybersecurity Risk Without Spending Money

Security News in Review: Belgian Hospital Forced to Redirect Patients

How COVID-19 Has Changed Cybersecurity for Government Departments

Security News In Review: Third SolarWinds Malware Strain

OS-Native Endpoint Security Outpaces Third-Party Tools

The Evolution of the FIN7 JSSLoader

Happy Holidays from Morphisec

Cybersecurity Evolves Beyond Antivirus With Morphisec Guard 5.0

Why Higher Education Is a Prime Target for Cybercriminals

Busting Cloud Security Myths

Happy Thanksgiving From Morphisec

Protecting Virtual Desktops Is Critical for Remote Employees

How Hackers Compromise Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The Introduction of the Jupyter InfoStealer/Backdoor

Agent Tesla: A Day in a Life of IR

What Is Proactive Cyber Defense?

Here’s What's Driving the Rise In Cloud Workload Cyber Threats

Why Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Is Riskier Than You Realize

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Crucial in a Work-From-Home World

It’s Time to Re-Evaluate Your Ransomware Prevention Strategy

Proactive Cloud Workload Security Strategy

Trickbot and Emotet Delivery through Word Macro

What Is Cloud Workload Security?

How Does Shared Responsibility Affect Cloud Security?

COVID-19 Reveals the Dirty Truth about Cybersecurity Spending

QakBot (QBot) Maldoc Campaign Introduces Two New Techniques into Its Arsenal

3 Tips for Better Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Security

New WastedLocker Ransomware Causes Enterprise Havoc

Best-in-Class Endpoint Protection At A Lower Price Than Your Antivirus

Proactive Endpoint Protection: Morphisec Guard Secures Your Company

Counting the Cost of Endpoint Security Breaches

Virtual Desktop Security Requires More than Antivirus

Improve Cyber Threat Prevention Focusing on Tactics, Not Techniques

How COVID-19 Has Altered the Enterprise Cyberattack Landscape

Good Cyber Hygiene Is Critical for Remote Workforces

Obfuscated VBScript Drops Zloader, Ursnif, Qakbot, Dridex

CrystalBit / Apple Double DLL Hijack

How Are VDI Security and Endpoint Security the Same?

Ursnif/Gozi Delivery - Excel Macro 4.0 Utilization Uptick & OCR Bypass

Advanced Endpoint Protection in the New COVID-19 World

The Five Hidden Risks of A Remote Workforce

Machine Learning Can’t Protect You From Fileless Attacks | NGAV

How Emerging Cyber Threats Outwit Existing Endpoint Security

What Are Healthcare's Biggest Cybersecurity Weak Spots?

Zoom Malware Can Record Meetings; Attack Simulation Shows How

Lokibot with Autoit Obfuscated Frenchy Shellcode

Why Remote Collaboration Applications are the New Zero Day Frontier

GuLoader: The RAT Downloader

Malware Authors Playing on COVID-19 Fears to Achieve Their Goals

Hospitals Must Focus on COVID-19 Ransomware Prevention