On-Demand Webinar: Automated Moving Target Defense is 'The Future of Cyber'
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Posted by Oren Dvoskin on September 25, 2023

The ransomware attack that hitMGM Resorts International on September 10thcaptured headlines due to the company’s name recognition, reputational and customer impact,andthe overall magnitude ofbusiness disruptionthe attack caused.

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Posted by Oren Dvoskin on August 28, 2023

“If an attacker successfully hacks our workstations or trading terminals, they’d have full access to the firm’s critical infrastructure.” This quote from a Chief Information Security Officer at a leading US-based hedge fund shines a light on the...

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Posted by Oren Dvoskin on August 3, 2023

In today’s threat landscape, multiple defense-in-depth layers are one of the only ways security teams can achieve peace of mind. Why? Two reasons stand out:

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Posted by Oren Dvoskin on July 5, 2023

Cyberattacks targeting critical OT and industrial organizations rose by 87% last year—the threat level to OT is higher than ever, and threat actors are finding new ways to compromise OT environments.

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Posted by Oren Dvoskin on June 23, 2023

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) admitted it is providing support to several Federal agencies that were breached following vulnerabilities exposed in the Progress (formerly Ipswitch) MOVEit Transfer solution. According...

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Posted by Oren Dvoskin on June 12, 2023

Morphisec has been recognized as a sample vendor in Gartner’s Emerging Tech: Security — Emergence Cycle for Automated Moving Target Defense Report—research covering groundbreaking security technologies that according to Gartner, “are paving the way...

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Posted by Oren Dvoskin on April 12, 2023

Legacy Microsoft operating systems (OSs) will probably be with us until the universe’s heat death. OS usage statistics show the total market share of legacy operating systems is still above 10 percent. With the total Windows installation base of 1.3...

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Posted by Oren Dvoskin on March 23, 2023

Fileless malware attacks are a malicious code execution technique that works completely within process memory. In a fileless attack, no files are dropped onto a hard drive. With no artifacts on the hard drive to detect, these attacks easily evade...

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Posted by Oren Dvoskin on January 25, 2023

ChatGPT is a powerful AI chatbot that uses a huge data collection and natural language processing to “converse” with users in a way that feels like a normal, human conversation. Its ease of use and relatively high accuracy has seen users leverage it...

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