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Posted by Matthew Delman on March 13, 2021

In this week’s edition of our roundup of the cybersecurity news, you’ll find information on Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday in case you missed it, new insights into the Server hack, and information on the rise in K-12 cyberattacks among other important security news stories from the past week. 

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Posted by Michael Gorelik on March 10, 2021

Microsoft recently published details of an attack showing how a threat actor used zero-day exploits to access Microsoft Exchange Servers. The new exploit enabled access to email accounts and allowed the installation of additional malware to facilitate long-term access to victim environments.

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Posted by Alon Groisman on March 9, 2021


The MineBridge RAT was first identified in January 2020 by security researchers at FireEye, who observed the backdoor attacking financial institutions in the United States with some targets located in South Korea as well. MineBridge was initially classified as a C++ backdoor that was delivered via phishing campaigns. 

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Posted by Matthew Delman on March 6, 2021

In this week’s edition of our roundup of the cybersecurity news, you’ll find reporting on a new trend of ransomware gangs turning to virtual machines, several high-severity vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel being resolved, and some new capabilities in the Ryuk ransomware

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Posted by Daniel Petrillo on March 3, 2021

When it comes to cybersecurity, more investment doesn't necessarily mean more protection. Even though the cybersecurity market grew by over 10 percent annually before 2020, last year still saw a record amount of damage done by data breaches. While the threat landscape has undoubtedly evolved in recent years, the array of defense solutions available to organizations has multiplied too.

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Posted by Matthew Delman on February 26, 2021

We’re back after a skipped Security News in Review last week. In this week’s edition of our roundup of the biggest cybersecurity news stories, we have reporting on ransomware attacks shutting down Underwriters Laboratories and a payment processor widely used by state and municipal governments, as well as a report on Google partnering with the Linux Foundation to hire two people whose sole job will be to improve the security of the Linux kernel. 

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Posted by Daniel Petrillo on February 19, 2021

Microsoft Defender Antivirus suffers from a perception problem. For the first decade of its existence, starting with its 2006 release, Defender was a much-maligned piece of software that no business would use to protect its endpoints. That’s no longer the case. Defender has today evolved into a competent and competitive endpoint security platform backed by one of the world’s largest companies. This improvement didn’t happen by accident. 

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Posted by Michael Gorelik on February 11, 2021

Introducing egregor ransomware

Egregor is considered to be one of the most prolific ransomware threat groups. Yet it gained this reputation in a very short time due to its uncompromising double extortion methodology.

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Posted by Matthew Delman on February 10, 2021

Every week, the Morphisec team works hard to bring you the top stories from around the security media-sphere to make your job and securing your critical infrastructure easier.

In today’s weekly edition of Security News in Review, you’ll find news from Microsoft about keeping your defenses up despite Emotet’s disruption, a new Google Chrome 0-day that affects Windows and Mac users, and reporting about a ransomware attack on utility company Electrobras

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Posted by Michael Dereviashkin on February 8, 2021


During the period between January 15 and 20, Morphisec identified a significant campaign targeting multiple German customers from the manufacturing industry. Targeted personnel were redirected to compromised websites that were, and still are, delivering advanced fileless downloaders that eventually lead to an Osiris client with a bundled mini-Tor communicating to a C2 onion Tor panel.

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